The current vacancy at UCL is for a PhD studentship that will investigate intuitive and practical ways to specify material appearance, that is, complex reflectance properties of virtual materials in a digital content-creation pipeline. While simple conventions exist to specify colour (through, e.g., RGB sliders, pre-compiled colour pallets or colour pickers), there is still a lack of general solutions for intuitive, user-guided specification of spatially-varying reflectance and scattering properties. An initial part of the PhD project will investigate means for manually editing such properties “by example”, that is, allowing for modification of rich appearances resembling a wide gamut of real-world materials, such as, cloth, leather, wax, stone, skin, fur, etc., by combining properties of previously observed materials. The second part of the project will then investigate use of ubiquitous, off-the-shelf devices, such as mobile-phone cameras, to feed additional real-world data into this editing process, enabling creation of unique material specifications at anyone’s desk.

The project will be under the supervision of Tim Weyrich,

More information at!/?project=105

Planned secondments: CUNI (3 months); Allegorithmic (3 months); NVIDIA (4.8 months).